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English is taught daily throughout school following the National Curriculum Programme of Study as well as the Lancashire Programme of Study. As a school, we use Wordsmith as an additional resource when planning, which allows the children to share a range of online texts in school which can also be allocated and read at home.

In English, we ensure that a broad range of objectives are covered and that key skills are studied including: writing: transcription, writing: composition, writing: vocabulary, spelling and grammar, reading: word reading and reading: comprehension.




Year Group

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


- All about me

- Scarecrow Wedding

- Christmas Story

- Stick Man

- Gunpowder Plot

- Remembrance Day


  • Life cycles
  • Easter Story
  • Dinosaurs
  • Superheroes
  • Spring Poetry
  • Seaside
  • Under the Sea
  • Pirates
  • Letters

Year 1

Fiction Unit – ‘Guess What?’ (Wordsmith) (3 main texts: Who’s our new teacher? Class Two at the Zoo and Aargh Spider!)


Poetry – Senses, rhyme and patterns


Non-Fiction – ‘Who Lives Here?’ (Wordsmith) (Diary entry)


Fiction Unit – Fairy tales, traditional tales and alternative versions


Word Detectives – comprehension and grammar skills


Poetry – Performing and writing own versions


Non-Fiction – ‘All About Elephants’ (Wordsmith) Non-Chronological report


Fiction – ‘Fantastic Voyages’ (2 main texts: Dougal’s Deep Sea Diary and Man on the Moon) (Wordsmith)


Storytellers/Live Unit – Traditional Tales from India (Wordsmith)


Non-Fiction – ‘Top Jobs’ (Wordsmith)


Poetry – ‘Growing Up’ (Wordsmith)

Year 2

Fiction – The Tiger Who Came for Tea and Traction Man


Poetry – Pattern, Rhyme and Rhythm (Wordsmith)


Fiction – What would you do? (Wordsmith)


Non-Fiction – All About Orang-utans (Wordsmith) Writing explanation text

Fiction Unit – A Twist in the Tale (Wordsmith)


Poetry – A Closer Look (Wordsmith)


Grammar Detective


Non-Fiction – Does Chocolate Grow on trees? (Wordsmith) Writing non-chronological report 


Fiction – Katie Morag


Live Unit – Act It Out (Wordsmith)


Poetry – Silly Stuff (Wordsmith)


Year 3

Live Unit – Autobiographies


Non-fiction Unit – Was Tutankhamun killed? (Wordsmith)

Explanation text (report), diary entry, instructions


Fiction – George’s Marvellous Medicine - Dairy entry, recipe, instructions, persuasive advert


Poetry – Shape poems/Calligrams

Non-fiction – Non-chronological reports

‘Where’s the best place to live?’ (Wordsmith)


Fiction – Ottoline and the Yellow Cat (Wordsmith)

Mystery Stories


Performance Poetry

Non-Fiction – Newspaper report

‘Shocking Styles’ (Wordsmith)


Live Unit – Chat Show Challenge


Fiction – Legends


Year 4

Non-Fiction – Biography ‘Space Explorers


Fiction – Christophe’s Story (Wordsmith)


Fiction – Spooky Stories (Wordsmith)


Poetry – Creating Images (Wordsmith)

Fiction – Spiderwick Chronicles



Poetry – Exploring Poetic Form (Wordsmith)


Non-Fiction – Newspaper Writing


Word Detectives (Wordsmith)

Non-Fiction – Shang Dynasty – Non-chronological reports



Fiction – The Iron Man (Wordsmith)


Non-Fiction – ‘The Grand Tour’ - Virtual Tours (Wordsmith)


Poetry – Exploring Poetic Language (Wordsmith)

Year 5

Poetry Unit – Poets’ Voices (Wordsmith)


Fiction – Friend or Foe

Narrative (Wordsmith)


Non-Fiction – Animals on the Move - Chronological report (Wordsmith)


Live Unit – Ultimate Rap – Composing and performing raps (Wordsmith)

Poetry – Tell Me A Story – Autobiographical Narrative (Wordsmith)


Fiction – Oranges in No Man’s Land (Wordsmith) – Narrative


Word Detectives (Wordsmith)


Non-Fiction – The Museum of Fun – Presenting adverts (Wordsmith)

Poetry – Compare and Perform- Narrative poem (Wordsmith)


Fiction – Greek Myths (Wordsmith) Writing own myths


Non-Fiction – Ultimate Explorers (Wordsmith) – persuasive advert


Live Unit – Pitch It! (Wordsmith)

Year 6

Non-Fiction – Pompeii (Wordsmith) Diary entry, newspaper report, narrative


Poetry – World War Poetry


Fiction – The Iron Woman – Interview Transcript


Fiction – Scrooge – Play script


Live Unit – letters of complaint

Fiction – Funny, Frightening, Fantastic (Wordsmith) Narrative


Fiction – The Hobbit

Narrative, diary entry, play script


Non-Fiction – Inventions (Wordsmith) Newspaper report


Live Unit – The Great Debate

Persuasive writing


Poetry – The Jabberwocky


Fiction – Harry Potter

Letter writing, narrative, recipe


Non-Fiction – What is Blood For? (Wordsmith) Non-Chronological report


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