Punch and Judy

“In English this week we have been writing our own fact sheet. It was all about ourselves, home and school. We also drew a picture of ourselves.” Ada

“In we Mathematics we made potions using measuring jugs and we used; fairy water, dragon’s blood, unicorn tears and trolls bogey. It was fun but…

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Sports Day

This week we have been super busy! Here is a what we have been learning with Miss Heaton:



“We have been weighing different things using cubes and then weighing scales” –Ada

“When we had weighed the toys we drew a graph to show this.” – Darcy




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A busy week!

Miss Heaton has been teaching us in Rainbow class most of the week, with Miss Ellison teaching us on Friday. Here is what we have been doing this week. 



“We have been adding and subtracting using a 100 square.” – Nicole C

“The pentagons didn’t use a 100 square. We drew…

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Sunshine and sports!

Welcome back to our final half term in Rainbow class (and our last half term in Key Stage One too!) 


"This week we have been practising for sports day." - Esther

"We have been practising running, the egg and spoon race, the sack race and the beanbag race." - Mikquell

Please make…

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A Royal Affair

We have had a lovely week in Rainbow class this week.


Yesterday the children went to the cinema to watch Peter Rabbit. We all really enjoyed it and the children were impeccably behaved! I just want to say how proud I am of them all for representing our school so well.


Today we are…

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Short and sweet, like our week!

What a busy 4 days we have had in Rainbow class. So busy in fact that we have forgotten to post our blog together! 


This week we have been revising our written methods in mathematics as well as applying these skills to solving maths word problems. The children have been working SO hard and…

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Rainbow class outside adventures!

This week we have been making the most of the dry weather by getting outdoors! 

In English we have been continuing to develop our reading skills and our word type recognition.

"We went looking for nouns and adjectives and wrote them with chalk." - Arham

"A noun is a naming word." -…

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Birthday cake bonanza!

We have enjoyed eating lots of cake this week as both Kayden and Esther brought in some delicious cakes for their birthdays!



"We have been practising our mental arithmatics. I am really good at mental maths." - Kayden

"We have been learning about odd and even numbers." -…

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What a wonderful, sunny week we have had!!

This week in Rainbow class we have been very busy. 

"We have been learning about Katie Morag in geography." - Lily-May

"We have been learning about road safety and where cars are allowed to park." - Kayden

"We made posters to tell the…

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An Island Home

Welcome to summer term!!

What a fantastic week we have had in Rainbow class.

We have worked very hard this week in maths, revising what we have learnt so far in year 2. We have also been learning about using the inverse to find missing numbers as well as revising multiplication and…

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Green Week

This week has been Green Week. 

"We have been reading a story about Morris the magpie. He collected lots of rubbish." - Philip

"We have been learning about recycling." - Mikquell

"In Rainbow class we have a paper bin to help us recycle." - Kayden

"We have been making boxes out of…

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Jack and the giant sunflower

Once upon a time there was a wonderful class of 17 children. One day a giant sunflower grew outside their classroom. I wonder what could be at the top of the sunflower? 

This week rainbow class have been looking at the story of Jack and the beanstalk before beginning to create our own…

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