Ready, Steady, BAKE!

This week in Rainbow class we have been very busy!

"We have been learning about 2D shapes and making our own posters about them." - Esther


In DT we have been learning about vegetables and healthy eating.

"We made a healthy salad collage." - Ada


"In computing we were playing…

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London's burning!

This week in Rainbow Class we have been learning "all about london" - Nicole W

"There was a fire that started on Pudding Lane." - Kayden

"The fire started in 1666" - Caroline

"The fire started in Thomas Farriner's bakery." - Arham. 

We designed our own Stuart period houses like they…

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Another week flown by!

I can't believe it's already the end of week one. We've had a very busy one and have been settling into the routines of being in Year 2 this week. 

In maths we have been looking at place value but getting creative with food to help us learn. The children are beginning to understand how many…

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Rainbow classes first ever blog!

A big welcome to Rainbow class! What an amazing first week we have had. Miss Ellison and Miss Hargreaves have had the best week! The children have come in very settled and very grown up, definitely ready for year 2.

We have decided to tell you all about our first week in Rainbow class for our…

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Ahoy me matey

This week has been pirate week. We have had lots of fun doing different activities. 

Monday - All the children in ks1 got into groups and rotated round the classrooms doing different activities. They made pirate hats, flags, telescopes, eye patches, boats and bunting.

Tuesday - Each class…

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Under the sea

In our English lesson we have been writing our own stories about deep see diving. The children decided who they wanted to see under the sea and what they would do.

          'Dougal got stuck in some sea weed and a shark bit through the net to rescue him' (Daniel)

          'Dougal and a…

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5, 4, 3, 2, 1 blastoff

In English this week we finished looking at The man on the moon. The children wrote what happened in the story. We then started looking at Dougals deep sea diary and talked about the similarities and differences between Atlantis and Preston. Ask your children about the 2 stories we have we…

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Busy Busy Busy

Well what a week! It's been so busy the children forgot to write their blog in school, good job Mrs Keating quickly asked the children at 3.10pm what they have enjoyed learning about this week before they left for the weekend!

In English the children have been reading a story about an…

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It's all about the zoo

We have been discussing a trip to the moon during our English lesson. The children used their imagination to role play and tell us how they would get to the moon, who they would see there and what they would do there.

In Maths we have looked at weights. The children weighed different items from…

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The sun has got its hat on

In English we have read the magic bed story then the children made their own fantasy stories up.

Maths this week has been all about adding 3 small numbers together and spotting pairs to ten and doubles.

In science we have looked at the properties of everyday materials.

During our Art…

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Ice-creams all round

In English this week we have been looking at instructions. We have made strawberry ice-cream together as a class then each group decided which flavour ice-cream they would like to make. On Friday afternoon Gold class came down to try our ice-cream and decided which flavour was their best. The…

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"Which way, which way"

In English we have been looking at non fiction text about the jobs that people do. 

In Maths we have been looking at tens and units.

During our p.e lesson on Monday we practiced our throwing and catching skills and on Wednesday we did some orienteering. The children followed a simple trail.…

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