It's been a 'well' good week

In English this week we have been looking at poetry. Reading poems about how we change when we grow up. 

In Maths we have been counting on using 100 squares and number lines.

In Science we having been learning about deciduous and evergreen trees. We went for a walk around school and the…

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Have an eggtastic holiday

This week we have had lots of Easter fun.

On Tuesday some of us has breakfast with the Easter bunny at the community centre. Then during the school day we took part in different easter activities. We made chicks hatching, chocolate cakes, decorated biscuits and took part in a egg hunt. In the…

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Moonbeam bake off

In English we have been looking at instructions. The children wrote instructions on how to wash their hands and how to make a cake. 

In maths we have been looking at time. Learning about o'clock and half past.

Today is Red Nose Day we had an assembly this morning to look at what Red Nose Day…

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A Scientific Week

In English this week we have been word detectives. We have been investigating suffixes, prefixes, syllables, and plurals.

“My name has 2 syllables” (Daniel)

“Unhappy, undo and unhealthy.” (Brooke)

“Pens, flowers beds and benches” (Ada)

In Mathematics this week we have been adding to 10…

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Spring is here

In English we have been writing reports on what elephants use their trunk for. 

          "Elephants use their trunk for drinking water" (Lily)

          "They flick mud on their back to stop getting burnt" (Kayleigh)

          "They use their trunk to get food" (Mikquell)



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A booktastic week

This week we have had an unusual week in school with it being pancake day and world book day.

On Tuesday it was pancake day. We all went into the staff room class by class for pancakes. The children decided whether they wanted lemon and sugar on their pancake. 

          "My pancake was…

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Why do Elephants have big ears?

In English we have been looking at different animals and how they use their ears. We are trying to find out why elephants have big ears. 

Why do elephants have big ears?

          "So they can hear for food" (Kacey)

          "So they can scare flies away" (Reegan)

We are still…

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Our week in Moonbeam class

In English we have been learning pattern and rhyme poems.

           sweeties in a jar,

           sweeties in a jar,

           shake and rattle,

           shake and rattle,

           sweeties in a jar.

In Maths we have been learning all about the properties of 3D shapes.


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Moonbeam 3.2.17

This week in English we have been learning about countdown poems and rhyming words. The children have made their own countdown poems.

"Hat, rat and sat rhyme" (Brooke)

In Maths we have been counting on using a number line and 100 square. 

In Science we have been identifying what happens…

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