Mischievous Minions

What a week! 


- Counting in multiples of 2 in Mathematics, as well as identifying odd and even numbers.

- New non-fiction topic in English, looking at "Why do elephants have big ears?"

- Planting cress in Science and learning all about what plants need to grow into a healthy…

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Detectives and monkeys

Welcome back! We hope you all had an enjoyable half term even with the horrible weather. Our first week back has been very exciting and we have gotten stuck right back into the swing of things.


In English we have been word detectives! Exploring syllables and compound words, something which…

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Moonbeam town

We can’t quite believe it’s the end of another half term. We have had quite a busy week with lots of exciting activities.


In our English lessons this week we have finished our fairy tales and can I say how impressed we are with all of moonbeam class. The effort and enthusiasm they have…

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Yummy, yummy, yummy!

Yummy, yummy, yummy, I’ve got cake in my tummy and it tastes so good with butter cream!


We have loved our baking homework the past few weeks. Thank you to you all for your help at home with baking. The children have loved sharing their adventures in the kitchen with their friends and most…

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Celebrating Chinese New Year

We have had a wonderful week in Moonbeam and have been super busy!


On Monday we had a terrific time celebrating all things Chinese New Year. We learnt about how the Chinese celebrate the New Year, we made our own Chinese dragon masks, went on a parade around School, played Chinese…

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Week 19: Super Subtraction

1. We celebrated Chinese New Year with a special parade, Chinese dance and banquet. 

2. We learnt how to subtract two 2-digit numbers using a written method (partitioning). 

3. We made Chinese flags and completed a reading skills task on Chinese New Year. 

4. Miss Wilson and Mrs Cole came…

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How are you?

How are you today? Are you having a good day? What are you doing over the weekend? This week we have been looking at how we can look after others and their well being. So we have decided to be more thoughtful for others feelings by asking them how they are and by talking more to one another.

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Once upon a time...

Another amazing week in Moonbeam and we couldn’t be prouder of how well all of the children are doing…they are simply marvellous!


We have thoroughly enjoyed our fairy tale topic in English this week, exploring characters’ feelings, sequencing stories and sharing opinions. It has been…

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Welcome back!

Welcome back! I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas break and New Year. We have loved listening to the children’s stories of their break and I think they were very excited to see their friends. We are loving being back as a class and straight into our routine.


This week we have…

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Santa Claus is coming to town

WOW! We can’t quite believe it’s the end of the first term in year 1. The children have all been phenomenal throughout the past few months and we are incredibly proud of all that they have achieved so far.


During our last week before Christmas we have…

Made Christmas bags for our…

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Nativity superstars

We have had a magical week full of Christmas activities and fun.

We have made Christmas wrapping paper, Christmas cards, Christmas hats, decorations and presents. We have also performed our Nativity for all our adults and the School. We are all so incredibly proud of the children and how…

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Santa's little helpers

We have been getting into the Christmas spirit this week. We have enjoyed our new role-play of an elf workshop, writing letters to Father Christmas and designing our own toys.


Thank you so much to everyone for coming to the Christmas fair, it was lovely to see so many of you there. Our…

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