A booktastic week

This week we have had an unusual week in school with it being pancake day and world book day.

On Tuesday it was pancake day. We all went into the staff room class by class for pancakes. The children decided whether they wanted lemon and sugar on their pancake. 

          "My pancake was…

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Once upon a time.......

Once upon a time there was a teacher "who was very cool" (Ellie) and she had the best class in all the land.

They were the best class because they could make her the best pancakes and flip them high in the sky. Here's how we made them.


Sunshine Class instructions for Pancakes


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'Rooting' around in Science

We had lots of fun with Miss Roberts in Science this week, experimenting on plants and the different ways they grow. We have planted seeds in different conditions and we are hoping to see them grow throughout the spring and summer term. We loved this task – Particularly getting out hands dirty!!!…

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On your marks.....Set.....GO!!!

           Here we go again folks, sports galore!  After a nice relaxing week of rest (well for me anyway) we start all over again with the lunch time sporting activities.

            Monday began with the fans favourite, football and its wasn't a slow start. Starting at 100mph the children…

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Out of this World!

5, 4, 3, 2,1 ............. Blast off!


This week we have had so much fun learning all about the job of an astronaut. We found out about Neil Armstrong and his footprint on the moon, Tim Peake and the fun things he did on his journey to space. 

We have enjoyed being astronauts in our…

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Andy Murray eat your heart out!

Welcome back everyone! We hope you have all had a restful half term. Here's an update of the latest happenings in Rainbow class. 


This week we have put our author hats on and have written our long awaited traditional tales with a twist. (I enjoyed writing my own Jack and the Beanstalk -…

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Why do Elephants have big ears?

In English we have been looking at different animals and how they use their ears. We are trying to find out why elephants have big ears. 

Why do elephants have big ears?

          "So they can hear for food" (Kacey)

          "So they can scare flies away" (Reegan)

We are still…

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Columbus Day!

Better late than never!! Apologies for the delayed blog post, the excitement of half term must have got too much for us!

Last week in Rainbow class we have been rounding off our work on Christopher Columbus by celebrating with our very own Columbus Day (pictures to follow!) 

We have been…

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Time flies when your having fun.

WOW...... Its already been a week since the last blog, but so much has happened. We had an action packed week with the luch time sports, so here goes.

Monday started out extremly cold so we began the week playing hand ball (less chance of slipping). With three teams looking to come out on top…

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Pizza Hut, Eat Your Heart Out!

This week in Mathematics we have been interpreting data about the class, such as favourite chocolate bars, eye colour and hair colour. We have also used our data to create a number of diagrams and graphs such as bar graphs, line graphs, Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams. In English we started…

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This week in Gold class

This week in Gold class, we have been challenged in Maths; we learnt how to do long division! in English we have finished reading the (wonderful, fasinating) book called Thief! This week in History we have been creating powerpoints about different key figures in the Renaissance period, such as Sir…

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An "Egg"citing Week

This week we focussed on the story Rosies Walk.

"The Fox tries to sneak up on the hen" (Conner)

"The flour fell all over the fox" (Ela)

"The fox fell into the pond." (Eliza)


We decided that Rosie went back to her hen house to lay eggs. We talked about all the things eggs could be…

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