Sorry for the delay

We are really sorry for the delay in the Sunshine Class blog.

We had a super busy week and just ran out of time!

Some of the fun things we enjoyed doing this week have been....

  • Making our own aquariums 
  • Reading Billy's Bucket
  • Practising for sports day
  • Learning to count in…
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Busy Busy Busy

Well what a week! It's been so busy the children forgot to write their blog in school, good job Mrs Keating quickly asked the children at 3.10pm what they have enjoyed learning about this week before they left for the weekend!

In English the children have been reading a story about an…

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This week in Diamond class we have been learning about BODMAS in Mathematics. BODMAS will help us answer questions in the correct order.

B – Brackets. Solve any calculation inside brackets first.

O – Operations. A fancy name for squared or cubed numbers!

D – Division. Shared into. Divided…

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Week ending the 16thJune

This week in silver class we have been very busy. This is what we have been doing:-

In Geography we have been researching earthquakes. We have been understanding the impact that they have on people and the landscape.

In English we have started a new unit of work studying the Iron Man bool by…

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The weeks keep rolling by...

How is it Friday already???

Well it’s been a fast and fun week for both the infants and juniors this week, a footballing bonanza has landed at Pool House.

With help from Lee and Reo the infants have really enjoyed themselves, with around 25-30 goals scored this week. The stand out goal this…

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That time of week again!

We can't believe it is already Friday again! This last half term is flying by. 


This week we have been talking about our move up to Year 3 in Rainbow class. We have been to see our new classroom and also found out that our new teacher in September is going to be Mr Bamber! We have set up a…

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A Productive Week in Gold Class

We have been very busy this week practising for the upcoming Kwik Cricket tournament. We have some fantastic bowlers and some brilliant batters in Gold Class.

In class we have been learning how to improve our chances of getting our dream job; we have completed the first module of 'The Job…

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Busy Bees

It’s been a lovely week in school and though we didn’t have our room to work in for much of the week (we shared nicely with Mrs Keating!), we managed to get lots done.


The children worked incredibly hard with their phonics, reading and memory development. This week, we developed our…

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Singing in the sunshine

This week in singing assembly we learnt two new songs; When I needed a neighbour and If I had a hammer. These were both songs about looking after our friends and family. The children managed really well especially with the octave leap in the chorus of If I had a hammer which some of the staff…

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It's Time To Get Sporty!

Our time in English last week was spent planning our own myths in preparation for our Big Write today. We used a grid of key features to help us concentrate our ideas. These key features included using relative clauses, creating complex sentences using ly, ing and simile openers and also using a…

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Indoor cycling!

Our week in silver class has concluded with our class sponsored event. We have been riding an exercise bike lent to us by Mrs Preston. We took it in turns throughout the day and managed a total of 232km in just over 6 hours. Everyone in class took part several times. Look at the photos on the…

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When Mother Nature comes calling...

Well, our return to school got a little wet...

Let,s have a run down of our weeks sporting activitys.

Monday: Rained off.

Tuesday: Rained off.

Wednesday: No rain.

Thursday: Rained off.

Friday: Glorious sunshine.

On Tuesday we managed to have a game of skittles. As this was the…

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