Moonbeam 28.4.2017

This week in English we have been reading different poems and identifying the different features. The children particularly enjoyed performing their own animal poem.

“Rhyming words” (Daniel)

“Repeated phrases” (Darcy)

In Maths we have been learning about subtraction. The children have…

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Football mad!

Another week, another blog! It doesn't seem like a week ago since our last one! 


"In English we have been carrying on our book called Hermelin. A visitor came in and it was Hermelin. He gave us some questions and told us to answer them. He knew all our names!" - Tegan

This week in Maths…

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Achey Breaky Brains...

It has been another busy week in school, especially for the children in year six. They have all been working really hard all week with their SATs preparations and a particularly big: “well done”, goes to Sky and Zana, who have done lots of comprehension and SPAG work with me this week. 



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Bring on the games...

Well that was a quick two week holiday...

As this first week back was a short one, we had a nice relaxed atmosphere around the two yards.

Juniors spent the week playing Tag Rugby and American Football this week, however, wanted to keep things free and easy so the scores didn't really matter…

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End of a quick week!

First week back

The end of our first week back after Easter sees the sun coming out so hopefully we will have a good weekend. We have been working hard this week on division in mathematics. Some of us found this very hard to do. The week seems to have gone by very fast. The children took home a…

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On your marks, get set, GO!!!

We've just got back from our PE lesson where we have been polishing up on our athletic skills. We're VERY tired now!

"We jumped over some hurdles." - Emily J

"We've been running to the end of the field but I came last. That doesn't matter it's the taking part!" - Layla

"Miss Ellison won…

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Blogs, Blogs, Blogs

It has only been 4 days but it feels like we have been back for ages! We now have Mr Blackburn teaching us all the time again (boo!) In English we started our new Topic about Greek Myths. They had complicated names in those times! Icarus, Daedalus, Epimetheus, Prometheus, Pandora and more! On…

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Square Sausage..... Whats that?

Welcome back.. 


We hope you all had a lovely two weeks holiday from school and had lots of Easter Fun.


We are starting a new topic in Sunshine class this half term. We are going to be learning about different countries around the world.

Mrs Bradley chose the first country we…

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It's been a 'well' good week

In English this week we have been looking at poetry. Reading poems about how we change when we grow up. 

In Maths we have been counting on using 100 squares and number lines.

In Science we having been learning about deciduous and evergreen trees. We went for a walk around school and the…

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Back to Business

Our first week back started on a Tuesday this time, Easter egg rolling being the main event on Monday. 

As we settled back into the routines for the summer term, we spent some time focusing on what our aims were going to be over the next 4 weeks. We all know we have our SAT tests to do but we…

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Let the challenge begin!

Mrs Hanigan’s Blog – 19.4.17.

Here we are back again, after a lovely couple of weeks off school. All too soon, it is that time of the year and the year six children have their SATs tests coming up. As a result of this, I am working mainly with some of the children from Gold class at the moment…

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This week in singing assembly we learnt a new warm up song called Sorida. We all practised the actions and Mr Herd, Ruby and Lexi
demonstrated for us excellently at the front. We also learnt part of a new song My Lighthouse which is an upbeat song. I am pleased with
how well our singing is…
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