Scarecrows Wedding

This week our main focus was the book Scarecrows Wedding. The reason for choosing this book is one of the children noticed a picture of Mrs Parkinson on her wedding day in the classroom and started to ask lots of questions.

Children interpret books in lots of different ways.....

From the…

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s......................... a..........................t....................p

We have had another busy week in Sunshine Class. 

We have been out for a walk in the local environment. We made a flat stanley and put it in an envelope to send home. On our walk we went to the post box to post out letters home.

We also made cakes this week ready for our phonics stay and…

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Our First full week in Sunshine Class

Sunshine Class have had a wonderful week settling into life at Pool House School. 

They have been exploring the different areas in our classroom, learning the school rules, making friends, and have began to learn our phase 2 phonics sounds.

Thank you to everyone who completed their leaf…

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First Day

Today was Sunshine Classes first day in School. They have had an excellent start to their school life and settled in really well.

They have enjoyed exploring the school and the school grounds.

They have also had lots of fun in our indoor and outdoor classroom envrionment, making new friends…

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Shiver me timbers

We have had another really busy week in Sunshine Class.

This week was keystage 1 pirate week and we have also done our Right Start Stage 1 road safety training.


We joined forces with Moonbeam and Rainbow on Monday and Tuesday and completed lots of different pirate activities.

We also…

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Ready...Steady GO!!!

Well another busy week in Sunshine Class!!!

On Monday it was moving up afternoon. We spent the afternoon in Moonbeam class! It was very exciting..... eeeeek we are nearly in year 1!!!


On Tuesday we watched the juniors production of Grease.... it was amazing. They danced to one of our…

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Ohhh Africa!!

Last week our classroom saw a massive transformation...

It went from Sunshine Class to African Adventure Sunshine Class.

The children helped transform the classroom to a wonderful safari.

We have been learning about differnt animals and their habitats.

We have tried some traditional…

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Feeling hot, hot, hot!!

The week in Sunshine Class started of very hot,hot hot!!

"We did bog art" (Alara)

"You get some clay and you make a face on a tree" (Dylan)

"We used sticks and flowers aswell." (Dylan)

" We used sticks and stones to make pictures and write our names"  (Kaidon)

" I made a camper van…

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Sorry for the delay

We are really sorry for the delay in the Sunshine Class blog.

We had a super busy week and just ran out of time!

Some of the fun things we enjoyed doing this week have been....

  • Making our own aquariums 
  • Reading Billy's Bucket
  • Practising for sports day
  • Learning to count in…
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Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Wow... its been hot this week. 

In Sunshine Class we have been learning about fish.

We set up an investigation station where we had to find out, why fish are different from us?

We found out......

"Because fish have scales and humans have skin." (Kaidon)

"Because humans have legs and…

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Celebrate... good times!!!

So much to celebrate.....

So little time.....


We can't believe its Friday again.


"I have enjoyed learning about Spain" (Kaidon)


" I have loved playing in the home corner with Millie and Aiesha."(Sophia)


" I have enjoyed playing with Bobbi-Jack."…

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Well we have had another busy week in Sunshine Class.

The focus this week has been France.We have learnt all about the country France and how to travel there. We have learnt about French Landmarks. We have learnt about French food. We have even learnt French numbers and words and have sung…

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