Chinese Rhymes with Please.

This week has been full of multi-cultural fun and celebration. Sunshine Class have learnt all about Chinese New Year. We have found out that it is the year of the Rooster, tasted Chinese food, written our names in Chinese, found Chinese numbers and had our own Chinese dragon march. ( Videos/…

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Farm to Fork

This week in Sunshine class we have been enjoying learning about the farm. We have talked about the animals found on the farm, the noises they make and the job a farmer does. We have been thinking about the crops that grow on a farm and what food comes from a farm. Our food topic will continue…

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The Little Red Hen

This week in Sunshine class we have been very busy.

We have been learning all about the Little Red Hen.

"The Little Red Hen cut the wheat, you get bread from wheat." (Alara)

"Wheat turns into flour" (Dylan)

The Little Red Hen wasn't very good at sharing. In Sunshine class we are good…

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